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12kV embedded pole 1250
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12kV embedded pole 1250

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EP 12 / 1250-25
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En capsulated Pole Unit is the product that combines the explosion chamber with major loop conductive component and insulated stand accessories reliably. It has strong resistance to filth. It possesses the advantages of simple assembly, high insulated intensity, high reliability, good consistency, maintenance -free and so on. It realized switchge ar miniaturizati on which is the development tendency of medium voltage circuit breaker in recent internal switchgear industry. And this technique is widely used; it has a bright future in electric in dustry.

The encapsulated products which are designed and manufa ctured by our company contains the series of7.2kV、12kV、 24kV、40.5kV. Encapsulated Pole Unit contains mid counters and gas-insulated switchboard which has been passed the whole model tests. We have optimized the design of electric performance, mechanical intensity and other requirements. The product meets the requirements of switchgear industry standard completely, and is used by many famous switchgear companies at home and abroad.




Drawing No. Specification Match The Insulated Pull Rod Match The Radiation Frame
RZP5.078a EP 12/1250-25 RAP4.039b. 05 RAP4.078a.01
RZP5.078b EP 12/1250-31.5 RAP4.039b. 05 RAP4.078a.01
RZP5.078c EP 12/630-25  RAP4.039b. 05 RAP4.078a.01
RZP5.078d EP 12/630-20   RAP4.078a.01


Main technical data 


Data Value Unit
Rated voltage 12 kV
Rated current 1250 1250 630 630 A
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated short-circuit breaking current 25 31.5 25 20 kA
Operations of short-circuit breaking current interruption 30 time
Rated short-circuit making current 63 80 63 50 kA
Rated peak withstand current 63 80 63 50 kA
Rated short-time withstand current(4s) 25 31.5 25 20 kA
Rated single capacitor bank breaking current 630 ※ A
Rated back-to-back capacitor breaking current 400 ※ A
Short-time(1min) power-frequency withstand voltage 48 kV
Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak) 75 kV
Circuit resistance at rated contact force ≤25 μΩ
Mechanical life 30,000 time
Contact closing force due to bellows and atmosphere 120±50 80±50 N
Counterforve at rated contact stroke 180±50 120±50 N
Contact limit erosion 3 mm
Shelf life 20 year
partial discharge ≤1 pC
Rated operating sequence 0-0.3s-co-180s-co



Mechanical data of circuit equipped with interrupters


Data Value Unit
Rated contact stroke 9±1 mm
Contact connection stroke 3±1 mm
Average opening speed 0.9~1.3 m/s
Average closing speed 0.4~0.8 m/s
Rated operation pressure of contact 2000±200 3100±200 2000±300 2000±200 N
Bounce duration of contact closing  ≤2 ms
Out of simultaneity of contact closing and opening ≤1 ms
Max. overtravel ≤2 mm


“※”Rated characteristics to be given on requeset


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